Ask HN: How to Hire a Designer from Dribble?

I’m a full-stack engineer, recently built and soft-launched my side-project, but been told by several people that UI needs work.

I went to dribble and used their search * to locate designers that “Are for Hire”. But the first few I found appear to be more like Agencies, most of which don’t take on a single site or app like mine, and also costs 5 to 10K min.

I want to hire an individual developer so that costs are low (I’m bootstrapped) and also I have a chance of bringing in the designer as a co-founder if things work out.

Anyone have experience with this? i.e. locating and hiring an individual designer from Dribble? How did you go about it? How did you vet them? Were you happy with your results? Costs?

[P.S. If you are a designer and would like to know more, please contact me theblogdoctor (at) gmail. ]

I’m based in San Francisco and this is the site that needs work =>

* Search Page I used:

(I understand they have a job board I can post in, but would like to avoid the 375$ for 30 days costs, as I am bootstrapped and would like to use their search page to find designers if possible 🙂


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