Ask HN: What’s wrong with me

Hello HN,

I am simply writing this post because I can’t take this situation anymore and this is a cry from the heart.

I’ve been applying to a million jobs, I always seem to get the same old automated denial and I am just so sick of it. I am incredibly hardworking, disciplined, passionate about what I do and good at it, I’ve been doing web dev & design since highschool, I learn fast, I sweat the details, I am willing to learn anything it takes to solve my problems, I’ve launched a startup, single-handedly sketched, designed, and developed two mobile apps from scratch, (both live on iOS and Android at the time, and one of which went on to get over 8000 users the first month, be top 10 of its category, get featured in top women’s publications online) , created APIs, have experience with databases (SQL and NoSQL), marketing, writing copy, web scraping, product design, interface design, I am Franco-american, bilingual in French and English, speak Node.js, Python, Django, Meteor.js, Hapi.js, and whatever I learn next.

I’ve been “selling” myself as a Product Designer but I truly can’t fit in such a narrow box; I love the entire process, I love coding: for me HTML/CSS and code have never been anything more than tools to get whatever was on my mind into the real world. I love clicking a button and seeing it do something. That to me is magic.

But I am so frustrated right now, I don’t understand why everything takes so long, this process is unbearable. It’s already an inhumane effort for me to apply for a regular job, but I am willing to do anything (in tech) as long as it’s paid at this point. I just want to come back to New York (I moved there when I was 20, knowing no-one) and work.

I really feel like I can be incredibly useful to whoever hires me and it kills me that no one is even giving me a chance.

This is my website:



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