Live Jul 5! AMA with Mat Braddy, Founder, Rock Pamper Scissors

Mat joined JUST EAT in 2009 and set about establishing the company as the leading brand in takeaway around the world, resulting in one of Europe’s biggest tech IPOs for a decade in 2014. Mat has had a long history leading online brands and has previously worked for The Financial Times, toptable and In 2012, Mat led the global launch of JUST EAT’s brand campaign to ban home cooking, ‘Don’t Cook, JUST EAT’. Mat is now busily building a new hairdressers app; ROCK PAMPER SCISSORS where the team are striving to build the default hairstyle app for ‘Uber’s children’.




Growth hacking as a discipline tends to lean logically towards data led experimentation. This can be short sighted – the biggest ‘unicorns’ of the old world became no.1 through building a brand. Sounds expensive but not if you are smart and brave. I’m happy to discuss how startup brands can enter markets dominated by leaders but by employing challenger brand approaches, take on the big boys not at their own game – but by redefining the rules.


You can follow me on Twitter: @matbraddy


I will be live on July 5th starting at 930 AM PT for one and half hours during which time I will answer as many questions as possible.


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