Ask HN: 100% Exam DIY BS Computer Science Degree for Less Than $5,000?

I want to do a DIY BS degree in Computer Science. I have 12 years work experience in IT so I am confident I have most of the knowledge already. I just want the piece of paper to prove it.

– I’m not interested in the teaching

– I want to keep this as cheap as possible (under $5,000)

– I’m looking for a 100% exam assessed course

– I want to take the exams at my own pace (ideally complete within 9 months)

According to this website there are at least 3 colleges that offer this:


Get Started

– Excelsior: BS in Computer Technologies

– Thomas Edison: BA in Computer Science

– Charter Oak: BS in Computer Science


– does anyone have any experience doing a DIY degree?

– does anyone have experience with the 3 colleges listed above?

– can anyone recommend other USA colleges/Universities that offer accredited BS computer science degrees that match the above criteria?

– any other advice/recommendations welcome


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