The way to Hire like a professional with Jay Henderson of Real Talent and Hiring

Tips on how to Employ like a professional with Jay Henderson of Real Talent and Hiring


In this podcast you may find out ways to hire like a professional with Jay Henderson of Genuine Talent & Hiring, a consulting services organization that helps other establishments make intelligent employment choices


Do you have a unchanging, or growth frame of mind?

Do you have a set, or development mind-set?

May possibly playing video games be very good for you personally? Ever due to the fact video games arrived on the scene within the late 1970s, men and women happen to be suspicious around the captivating impact they’ve on persons. Mothers and fathers, academics and political leaders all stressed regarding the future of their young children, thinking that games turned individuals into murderers, or psychopaths or worse: idiots.

These 3 Email Subject Lines Will Kill Your Chances of Winning a New Customer

These 3 Email Subject Lines Will Kill Your Chances of Winning a New Customer written by Guest Post read more at Duct Tape Marketing

spencerXsmith-stop-checking-inHow many times have you gotten an email from a salesperson with one of these three subject lines?

“Checking In”

“Touching Base”

“Following Up”

I’ve received dozens of emails like this and am guilty of sending a whole bunch of them too. Think about it: aren’t these just euphemisms for “Wanna buy my stuff?”

What to say instead of “Wanna buy my stuff?”

“What should I say instead?” you might be wondering. Following up is such a critical part of the sales process, and the last thing you want is to be forgotten by your prospect. What’s a way to follow up while simultaneously providing value?

Instead of emailing someone to remind them you would like to sell them something, use the opportunity to provide targeted education. What’s the best way to be sure you’re sending something that’s relevant, though?

After you earn a prospect’s email address, assign that prospect to a simple workflow based on their interests. This is difficult at first if you’re simply maintaining one catch-all email list. Instead of just one list, create a series of categories based on specific interests. John Jantsch does a great job describing this concept in his recent article titled Content 3.0 – The Rise of the Content Community. This community concept may seem a bit overwhelming at first, however, and you may be wondering…

What to do if you don’t have digital assets yet

If your business is struggling with this whole digital marketing thing, start with baby steps as you work toward a Content Community repository. To get started, consider this: What questions are your prospects asking you every single day that you’re manually answering via email or phone calls? What can you offer these prospects that is both concise and actionable? Simple digital assets like cheat sheets, checklists and templates work great in this capacity. Limit these downloads to one page so they can easily be shared or printed.

By offering specific assets geared at fixing specific problems, you can gauge your prospects’ interests immediately, and not be left guessing what issues they’re facing. Which asset do you create first? This is where we need to stop thinking so hard. What question do you hear more than any other? Create that one now.

As an example, if you’re a marketer specializing in SEO, you probably hear the question “How do I drive more traffic to my website?” all the time. For those prospective clients who download your “5 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With SEO” cheat sheet, ensure your email messages further their education about that specific topic. That will be an email they’ll actually look forward to receiving.

How to get started right now

This is the part where I ask you to get out of your own way. Don’t analyze these concepts to death or over-automate your workflows…just start. Instead of retroactively applying these ideas to your existing email list – an incredibly daunting task if you’ve been in business more than a few years – start fresh with only new prospects. You’ll iron out the kinks much faster, and just as importantly, you’ll get to experience success early and often as a result of your efforts.


10.2 headshot2Spencer X. Smith is committed to helping clients achieve measurable increases in revenue from their digital marketing efforts. He using Plain English to help you understand what methods are worth doing – or not doing – with your business. The ideas he shares are what he uses every day in his companies, and only through experiencing the success and failure can he confidently advise on them. He is also an instructor at the University of Wisconsin.


The Best Strategy to Produce Daily Higher Efficiency Inside your Life: Learn The Energy of Little Habits

The Main Approach to Build Everyday High Functionality Inside your Life: Understand The Energy of Microscopic Behavior

Humans have several poor habits, but among the list of worst is self doubt. Everyone is usually attempting to greater themselves, nevertheless it is simple to give up due to the fact we are not good at seeing improvement.

Even an improvement of 1% is critical, but, in accordance with James Clear, an improvement of 1% will be the most significant of all. If you’d like to do one thing, it really is not the job that will hold you back but your mind. Because of this, you need to overcome your very own doubt before you decide to can become wonderful.

Listen to this podcast to build habits and grow to be way more productive.

The Only Way to Develop Day-to-day Higher Overall performance Inside your Life: Find out The Energy of Small Behavior

The Best Approach to Build Every day High Efficiency Inside your Life: Find out The Power of Small Actions

Humans have quite a few terrible habits, but on the list of worst is self doubt. Everyone is normally attempting to much better themselves, nevertheless it is simple to give up due to the fact we’re not excellent at seeing improvement.

The Exclusive Approach to Generate Everyday High Overall performance In your Life: Study The Energy of Microscopic Practices

The Only Technique to Produce Daily High Performance In your Life: Discover The Energy of Small Routines

Humans have numerous poor habits, but among the worst is self doubt. Absolutely everyone is always wanting to much better themselves, however it is easy to give up mainly because we’re not superior at seeing improvement.

The Best Technique to Create Daily High Performance Within your Life: Discover The Energy of Small Routine

The Lone Way to Generate Every day Higher Overall performance Inside your Life: Understand The Energy of Micro Behaviors

Humans have quite a few negative habits, but one of several worst is self doubt. Everyone is often wanting to better themselves, but it is simple to give up due to the fact we’re not fantastic at seeing improvement.